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Reiki, Magnified Healing®, Crystal Healing and Massage for women

Reiki, Magnified Healing®, Crystal Healing and Massage for women

Reiki, Magnified Healing®, Crystal Healing and Massage for womenReiki, Magnified Healing®, Crystal Healing and Massage for women



At Divine Oneness Healing our aim is provide a safe space for women to heal and practice self-care. We offer many nurturing services including Reiki Healing, Counselling, Crystal Healing, Magnified Healing®,  Relaxation  Massage and Reiki Massage, with some exciting new services and workshops in the pipeline for 2020! Read on to discover more of what we do...

Energy Healings

Reiki is a  healing  method  developed  by  Dr  Mikao  Usui  in  the  1920’s.  Reiki  means  ‘universal life force energy‘  in  Japanese and it helped me heal, to bring  balance into  my  life  and live a life of peace and gratitude. I am so honoured to be able to share this wonderful healing energy with my clients and am so excited to be teaching  Reiki  later  this  year!

Magnified Healing® is a powerful form of energy healing that works with the divine feminine energy of Kwan Yin and the incredible  Violet flame. Magnified  Healing®   is recommended for anyone who wishes to create a dramatic shift in their life. Our  first  Magnified Healing®  Workshop  of  2020  is  scheduled  for  March  3rd  and  4th,  9am-5pm  both  days.  REGISTRATION  CLOSES  TUESDAY 18th  FEBRUARY.  For  bookings,  payments  and  further  information email  me  at: michelle@divineonenesshealing.com.au or  SMS  0435  947  488

For  more  information   about Magnified Healing®  visit  the  official  website  below: https://magnifiedhealing.com

Crystal Healing uses the healing vibrations of crystals combined with Reiki to bring balance  to  your mind, body and spirit.

Distance  Healings  Everything is Energy. We are all connected. We are all one. Using Sacred Reiki symbols, Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world to a person, an animal, a situation, and even our Mother Earth. To perform distance healings I go into meditation and connect with you using the Reiki symbols. Reiki is then channeled to you. An overview of your healing is then emailed to you.  Reiki  Healings  and  Chakra  Balancings  can  be  performed  via  distance.


Women’s Reiki Share

Our Women’s Reiki  Share  Groups  aim to provide a safe  place for women to come together  And  embrace  the  beautiful  healing  energy  of  Reiki.  We share food, healing, kindness and compassion while  connecting  with  Reiki  through  meditations  and  giving  and  receiving  a  Reiki  Healing.  There  is  also  time  for  some  creative  reflection  through  drawing,  collage  or  journalling  and  we  set  a  special  focus  for  each  gathering,  be  it  manifesting  and  setting  intentions,  working  with  the  energy  of  the  Moon,  particularly  the  New  or  Full  Moon,  or  sending  group  healing  to  people  or  situations  in  need.  

Held  the  third  Tuesday of  the  Month  from  10am-1pm.  Investment :  $30  pp

To  book  please  email  me  at  michelle@divineonenesshealing.com.au or 

SMS  0435  947  488



As I am a home-based practice all healing sessions require booking in advance, excluding Thursdays as I work from Maya Beauty and Dermal Clinic, in Main Street, Croydon where you can feel free to stop in between 10am and 7pm. However, to avoid disappointment bookings are  always recommended. All workshops requests require booking and $100 deposit no less than 6 weeks prior. One-on-One workshops are available upon request.